EMERGENCE - New Network

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En cours
Ouverture :
10 mai 2023
Clôture :
31 mars 2024
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The 'EMERGENCE' call for research proposals is intended to support, over a period of 3 years the creation of a national network to develop an innovative research project, initiate a new technology or validate a specific approach in MS and/or related disorders. The allocated budget will cover operating expenses, small equipment and / or contract salaries related to the collaborative project, as well as short-term scientific exchange missions between network partner laboratories. The allocated budget will be 150 k€ per year for 3 years. ELIGIBILITY * Network projects are open to groups in foreign countries, but the network should include at least two French teams with a major role in the project. * The applicant must hold a permanent position in France (INSERM, CNRS, University, CEA, INRAE, …) * Any application related to an existing network will not be eligible.

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